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fopen: default open mode is now binary?

From: Vic Norton
Subject: fopen: default open mode is now binary?
Date: Thu, 7 Apr 2005 08:56:45 -0400

I have just upgraded octave on my Mac (OS X) form 2.1.57 to 2.1.69. I am now getting a warning message that I am curious about:

   warning: fopen: default open mode is now binary

What should I do about this? It doesn't seem to present a problem. I am simply writing a text file
   file = "Output/portfolioValues.csv";
   fid = fopen(file, "w");
   fprintf (fid, "Data for\n");
   fprintf (fid, "date0, %s\n", date0);
   fclose (fid);
for subsequent processing by Perl. The correct text is being written. Is there something I can add to my "fopen" line to prevent the warning?



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