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Re: ANOVA with empty cells

From: Isaac Neuhaus
Subject: Re: ANOVA with empty cells
Date: Mon, 11 Apr 2005 12:55:50 -0400
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How does SAS do it?

Source   DF     Type III SS     Mean Square    F Value    Pr > F
R         3     36.30000000     12.10000000      48.40    0.0203
T         1      4.08333333      4.08333333      16.33    0.0561
R*T       1      0.75000000      0.75000000       3.00    0.2254

Mike Miller wrote:

On Mon, 11 Apr 2005, Isaac Neuhaus wrote:

Is there a function to calculate ANOVA for a design with empty cells? Please see the data below (f1 and f2 are the independent variables and response is the dependent variable). The model that I would like to fit is:

response ~ f1 + f2 + f1*f2

If you mean to fit a model with 4 levels of f1 (3 dummy coded predictors) and 2 levels of f2 (one dummy coded predictor), and the interaction of f1 with f2 (another 3 products of the dummy coded variables), you must either have data in all 8 cells or you must have some restrictions on the parameter space. Otherwise, Octave can't help you, but neither can any other program.

Your data....

    f1   f2   response
S1    1    1    7
S2    2    1    1
S3    3    1    4
S4    4    2    5
S5    3    2    5
S6    1    2    9
S7    3    2    5
S8    1    2    10

....will not allow you to fit the model with interaction, but you can fit the "response ~ f1 + f2" model.


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