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WG: Tools for mathematical calculations and graphical output

From: Martin Ranftler
Subject: WG: Tools for mathematical calculations and graphical output
Date: Mon, 18 Apr 2005 19:00:02 +0200

Ladies and gentlemen,

(John W. Eaton instructed me to post my question here...)

I am a postgradual student at the

   Hochschule Mittweida
   University of Applied Sciences
   Mittweida, Germany

  Signals and Systems, Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil Reinhard Sporbert

where I work on a comparison of mathematical tools in order to make a
recommendation for the future use in some disciplines of the a.m.

Please find my comparison attached.
I visited your websites and as far as I was enabled, I tested your products.
All listed prices are from the original websites which are typed in the
attached document, dated now (April 2005).

To avoid misunderstandings and mistakes of myself I ask you to check
carefully what I have found out about your products and to comment it

Main topics are:
   Platform, Windows / Linux
   Input in a form or Input at a "line"
   Usability of scripts..
   Format of graphical output (jpg, postscript..), 2D, 3D,

The result will be printed and distributed by myself as a recommendation,
decision will be made afterwards by the teachers of the university.

So I hope to get an answer from yourselve until Friday, April
22nd,considering the a.m. topics.

Thank you,
with best regards

Martin Ranftler

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