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optimset & setfield

From: Christian F . Vélez Witrofsky
Subject: optimset & setfield
Date: Mon, 18 Apr 2005 23:42:15 -0400

I've installed octave (several times and on different systems) but I
keep getting an error with the optimset function... it just doesnt
work!  I found an example call (perhaps it was on this very forum)
which goes:

octave:40> optimset ('Display','off')
ans =
  Display = off

But I just get:

error: setfield: called with odd number of arguments 

Anyone got an idea as to why this is?  Perhaps I'm doing something
wrong in the installation?

Thanks for your time,
Christian F. Vélez Witrofsky
University of Puerto RIco, Rio Piedras
Faculty of Natural Sciences
Dept. of Computer Science

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