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Re: WG: Tools for mathematical calculations and graphical output

From: Gerald Ebberink
Subject: Re: WG: Tools for mathematical calculations and graphical output
Date: Tue, 19 Apr 2005 09:40:43 +0200
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I would like to put a vote against Mathcad. It looks like nice software
but in any engineering enviroment it is really anoying (in my evening
studies, which was electronics, we were forced to use it).

a) It only works top down. My personal mode of operation is first write
a formula and then fill in all the unknowns, in Mathcad you HAVE to do
it the otherway around.

b) It realy makes a difference WHERE (the location on the sceeen) you
put your forumala's in respect to the graphs

c) It wants all the formula's in the correct form (which for me ended in
things like: f(t,s,x,y,z,nx,ny,nz)=(g(nx,ny,nz)*sqrt(q(t,nz)*v(x,y,z)...
etc.. etc.. really anoying.

for the rest,
I'm missing Maple in your list.

I don't know if you are using LabView in your research group, but if you
are, you have to check the mathematical package which comes with it (the
name elures me right now) it can do a lot of things.
Also if LabView is employed octave (or matlab for that) can be used to
make m-files which you can directly use in LabView. I once made a
demonstration in which a small kart was used to balance a pole. The
students had to make a simulation and a control system in matlab (with
the simulink package) and this was then put in the controller so they
could see their system working (or not ofcourse).

well that's it for now (I have to work).

kind regards,

Martin Ranftler wrote:
> Ladies and gentlemen,
> (John W. Eaton instructed me to post my question here...)
> I am a postgradual student at the
>    Hochschule Mittweida
>    University of Applied Sciences
>    Mittweida, Germany
>   Signals and Systems, Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil Reinhard Sporbert
> where I work on a comparison of mathematical tools in order to make a
> recommendation for the future use in some disciplines of the a.m.
> University.
> Please find my comparison attached.
> I visited your websites and as far as I was enabled, I tested your products.
> All listed prices are from the original websites which are typed in the
> attached document, dated now (April 2005).
> To avoid misunderstandings and mistakes of myself I ask you to check
> carefully what I have found out about your products and to comment it
> finally.
> Main topics are:
>    Price
>    Platform, Windows / Linux
>    Input in a form or Input at a "line"
>    Usability of scripts..
>    Format of graphical output (jpg, postscript..), 2D, 3D,
> The result will be printed and distributed by myself as a recommendation,
> decision will be made afterwards by the teachers of the university.
> So I hope to get an answer from yourselve until Friday, April
> 22nd,considering the a.m. topics.
> Thank you,
> with best regards
> Martin Ranftler
> address@hidden
> address@hidden

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