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help with debug_on_error

Subject: help with debug_on_error
Date: Mon, 25 Apr 2005 16:40:08 +1000

Hello all!
I need some advice on debugging particularly debug_on_error. How do I 
actually leave the
debug>   prompt to go back to octave>
I have to type exit a gazillion times (if I'm lucky) before I get the 
octave prompt again if at all. Is this the way its done??? Thank you so 

Siti Hajar Bakar

----- Original Message -----
From: Paul Laub <address@hidden>
Date: Wednesday, April 13, 2005 0:46 am
Subject: Re: GNUplot missing?

> Dear Siti Bakar, 
> In your message below, I notice that you say that you write "Adding
> the following lines to file 'octaverc'". Do you know that you spelled
> the name of that file wrong? The first character of the file name
> should be a period, thus the correct name is ".octaverc". Moreover,
> this file should reside in your home directory. (You chose your home
> directory when you installed cygwin.) All of this should be familiar
> to Unix and Linux users ... but, I know, lots of Windows only users
> have no such familiarity.
> Also, can you verify that the data you seek to plot is at least
> appearing as a temporary file in TMPDIR? Then you'll know whether the
> problem is (a) Octave is not writing the data to a temp file or (b)
> gnuplot is not finding or properly handing data in the temp file. The
> temp file will generally have a random extension, but it is text, so
> you should be able to open it in vim, emacs, less, or ... notepad.
> Check for the file immediately after issuing the plot command because
> Octave does have a tendency to clean up and delete temp files
> generated for gnuplot's use.
> Finally, from the gnuplot console and command line (which is
> completely different and independent of the Octave command line), type
> this "plot sin(x)" leaving out the quotation marks. Gnuplot should
> respond by plotting one or two periods of the sine curve. If it does
> not, then your problem may  be with gnuplot.
> I hope this helps. 
> Paul Laub 
> On Apr 11, 2005 5:58 PM, SITI HAJAR A BAKAR
> <address@hidden> wrote:
> > Hello,
> > 
> > I have reinstalled my gnuplot except now it gives me a timeout 
> error as
> > such
> > u=1:200;
> > y=2*u+1
> > plot(y,x)
> > Timeout: gnuplot not ready
> > 
> > I reinstalled my gnuplot using,the following method, downloading the
> > following file
> >;
> > Adding the following lines to file  'octaverc'
> >  gnuplot_binary = "c:/gnuplot/bin/pgnuplot"
> >  putenv('TMPDIR','c:/cygwin/tmp')
> >  gnuplot_has_multiplot = 1
> > 
> > The gnuplot window does come up, but no graphs are plotted. I'm 
> finding> my octave very unpredictable, with different errors 
> arising every time
> > I invoke it. Any ideas??
> >
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Octave is freely available under the terms of the GNU GPL.

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