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Re: XP installation

From: Peter Bodin
Subject: Re: XP installation
Date: Thu, 28 Apr 2005 21:13:07 +0200 (CEST)
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> Maybe this question is to basic for you guys but I will give it a
> try
> anyway
> I installed octave in my windows XP machine. Went to the  Octave
> forge
> and downloaded
>  octave-2.1.42-windows-noatlas.exe
> I run it, it installs life is good.
> I get a nice icon on my desktop. I double click on it and I get a
> window
> with octave, it works but...
> as I type I get a weird bar before each character I in
> 3+4  look more like   |3|+|4| |
> so everything works but it is very annoying to have those bars in
> there
> could anybody please help me??
> Thanks in advance
> Gino
> ----------------------------------------------------
> Gino Serpa, PhD
> 3811 North Fairfax Dr.
> Arlington, VA 22203
> Tel (703) 816-5276
> Fax (703) 816-5444

Hi Gino!

In the properties of that "nice icon" there is a line where a call
to rxvt is made. Replace the "Lucida ..." with:

Courier New-14

and It should work



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