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[octave 2.1] fopen & reading 8 bit chars...

From: fred
Subject: [octave 2.1] fopen & reading 8 bit chars...
Date: Fri, 29 Apr 2005 22:35:15 +0200
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Since dev release (works fine with 2.0.*), I have a problem with this minimal octave script, reading accented character :

marsu[pts/2]:~/tmp/{41}/> cat essai.m
function essai()

  file = fopen("essai.txt","rt");
  s = fgets(file)
  foo = sscanf(s, "un été : %d")


address@hidden:~/tmp/{1}/> essai
s = un été : 1

foo = [](0x1)

Is it a known bug ? Or is there a trick to do ?

Thanks in advance.


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