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Re: gnuplot: set terminal png

From: Joe Koski
Subject: Re: gnuplot: set terminal png
Date: Sun, 07 Aug 2005 19:59:46 -0600
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on 8/7/05 4:16 PM, Vic Norton at address@hidden wrote:

> I would like to generate PNG files with gnuplot, but "set terminal
> png" does not work with my version gnuplot 4.0. Apparently there is
> no PNG terminal. (This used to work with earlier versions of gnuplot.)
> I am using Mac OS X 10.3. I am sure I just need to tweak some
> settings somewhere (I read something about a
> "--with-gd=/usr/local/lib" option that didn't work for someone), but
> I have no idea where to start. And I am a Unix dummy to boot!
> Can someone give me a hand. I realize this is not exactly an octave
> question, but people do use gnuplot from octave. How do I make "set
> terminal png" work in gnuplot?
> Regards,
> Vic


While it's not convenient for frequent use or a large number of plots, both
GraphicConverter and Preview on the Mac can convert files to the .png
format. I suspect GraphicConverter can be set to do batch conversion.


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