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Re: doubt in char

From: David Bateman
Subject: Re: doubt in char
Date: Wed, 10 Aug 2005 16:28:23 +0200
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Quentin Spencer wrote:

Robert A. Macy wrote:

Makes sense, but

which char.m

returns the same file I sent the copy of. I didn't find a different one.
but "which char" (without the .m) on my version of Octave returns:
char is a built-in function

Just curious...which filename is not as intuitive as where
filename.  Is this a carry over from Matlab compatibility?

Yes, but Matlab got its "which" command from Unix. The which command is still a commonly used command on Unix and Linux systems now, so I suspect that since Octave was developed on those systems, it would have probably ended up with the same command even had it developed in a world without Matlab. True, the command is less intuitive than "where"--maybe there are historical Unix reasons for it.


You can have several versions of the same command in different places in the path. So "which" is indeed more appropriate since as long as the function runs, who cares "where" it is :-)


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