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Re: Installing Octave

From: Henry F. Mollet
Subject: Re: Installing Octave
Date: Wed, 10 Aug 2005 10:11:18 -0700
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Other replies have pointed to an Octave binary that is easily installed on a
PC. I have a PC with Win95 which I rarely use but it has Octave 2.1.36
installed under i686-pc-cygwin and gnuplot even has a decent graphical
interface with menus. I installed it ages ago and all I had to do was
double-click on an .exe file.

I'm using a Mac for most of my work and it's a rather different story. I
guess that I like to suffer.

on 8/9/05 11:33 PM, address@hidden at address@hidden wrote:

> I would like to install Octave on my PC.... however, I don't want to
> compile, link, load or perform any other system type operations, I just want
> to  
> install it with InstallShield or something similar.
>> From the website I'm getting the idea that Octave must be complied,  lilnked,
> etc., you know, stuff people did 20 years ago to get a program  up......
> I had high hopes for Octave, and I think that a free version of Matlab, or
> something similar, should be available to every math/physics/engineering
> student, even in high school (they now use graphing calculators....a true pain
> in 
> the booty)....
> So, all you would need to do is make Octave user friendly, like every other
> piece of software available on the web.....
> BUt noooo.......
> I'm giving up on Octave I think........ I wanted to use it in conjunction
> with a calculus book I'm writing.......that is, I wanted readers of the book
> to  
> have something like Matlab available... but they will not be computer jocks
> ...  (I am a computer jock, BTW, Honeywell, Hughes, Lockeed, etc., but I am
> flummoxed  trying to get Octave up)......
> Or, am I missing something ??????
> Sorry for the harangue, especially if I am mistaken.....if I'm not  mistaken,
> let is serve as a wakeup call ?

Octave is freely available under the terms of the GNU GPL.

Octave's home on the web:
How to fund new projects:
Subscription information:

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