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Re: Installing Octave

From: Robert A. Macy
Subject: Re: Installing Octave
Date: Thu, 11 Aug 2005 07:02:19 -0700

I've been running the binary 2.1.50 on windows for years,
and of course it is way out of date, but every quirk is
known, even know when it will hang the system.  

One system with Windows XP has no internet access.  The
system with Windows 98 has internet access, but I'm very
nervous about mucking up what is working so well.  

To install the new version of octave, may I leave the old
binary version installed?  And run the one I choose?  That
way I won't be dead in the water if the script, or
something, doesn't work quite right.  And  be free to
explore the advantages of the "new" version of octave?  

I'm in the middle of a project and don't have time to play
with the tools, just use them.  

                  - Robert -

On Wed, 10 Aug 2005 08:27:43 -0500
 A S Hodel <address@hidden> wrote:
> See my class weblog:
> index.html
> for instructions on installing Octave without compiliing
> like we did 20  years ago.
> I also have a (brief) tutorial on Octave in my class
> notes on that web  log (notes for courses ELEC 2020 and
> ELEC 2120) that you may wish to  look at.
> There are others with similar resources on their web
> page, perhaps even   better than mine.
> Regards,
> Scotte Hodel
> "I can't see, I can't see!"
> "What's the problem?"
> "I've got my eyes closed!"
>       --- Godspell, Steven Schwartz

Octave is freely available under the terms of the GNU GPL.

Octave's home on the web:
How to fund new projects:
Subscription information:

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