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Rotate label by +45 or - 45 degrees

From: Henry F. Mollet
Subject: Rotate label by +45 or - 45 degrees
Date: Thu, 11 Aug 2005 19:11:13 -0700
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According to 'test' in gnuplot in AquaTerm and X11 a text label can be
rotated by 90, 45 and -45 degrees. I have no problems in AquaTerm with the
default which is +90 but how do I specify +45 and -45. I had no luck with
"45" nor "+45".
N.B. Greek A is the same a latin A in symbol font and so are '=' and '2'.

Octave 2.1.71/gnuplot 4.0/AquaTerm 1.0
octave:40> gset label 4 "A/a=2" at 0.1, 0.12 rotate  font "Symbol,14"
octave:41> replot
octave:42> gset label 4 "A/a=2" at 0.1, 0.12 rotate "45"  font "Symbol,14"
gnuplot> set label 4 "A/a=2" at 0.1 , 0.12 rotate "45" font "Symbol,14"
         line 0: extraneous or contradicting arguments in label options

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