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Re: help - ...?

From: Vic Norton
Subject: Re: help - ...?
Date: Sat, 13 Aug 2005 12:18:07 -0400

Forget my question. No problem. I just downloaded the standard octave-2.1.71 distribution and copied its octave-2.1.71/doc/interpreter/* files into my /usr/local/info directory. The command "octave> help -i svd" now works fine.

- Vic

At 11:09 AM -0400 8/13/05, Vic Norton wrote:
I have just installed Octave 2.1.71 on my Mac OSX 10.3.9 from <>. I was previous running version 2.1.69, which I obtained from the same source.

Both versions of Octaves work fine but neither has any "help -i" information:
   octave> help -i svd
   info: /usr/local/info/ No such file or directory
   help: sorry, `svd' is not indexed in the manual
Is there a good source for the appropriate "" or do I have to try to extract
this from a complete Octave package?



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