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hdf5-support ?

From: andreas naessl
Subject: hdf5-support ?
Date: Thu, 18 Aug 2005 10:56:23 +0200


is the latest cygwin 2.1.71 octave-version for winXP able to read from 
hdf5-files? theoretically yes, as help says, it should even work in my ancient 
2.1.42 installation. BUT i get a error message like "hdf5-libraries not linked" 
before i spend a lot of time for cygwin download, i would like to know, if hdf5 
support is really working in that package...

some other questions (cause i never worked with hdf5 data)

1) do i need some additional dlls for hdf5-support, which are not provided by 
octave package?

2) as far as i know there is some kind of hierarchical organisation of data in 
hdf5-files possible (like groups / folders) - is this supported by octave? 

3) can i access only singe tables/2Darrays by a octave read, even if there are 
many more datasets in a hdf5-file?

4) can i write back only one single changed table/2D-array within a acceptable 
time in the case of a huge hdf5-file is containing many other arrays ? or has 
the whole file to be rewritten on harddisk? i ask this for performance 

thank you for any hints!

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