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Re: Newbie questions...

From: Jun Ohta
Subject: Re: Newbie questions...
Date: Thu, 18 Aug 2005 17:57:58 +0900


'edit' function works for editors for MS windows. I will correct my 
previous statement. The following command worked.

>> OCTAVE_VERSION                                                          
>> computer                                                                
>> edit('EDITOR',['notepad ', ' c:/"Program Files"/"GNU Octave 2.1.50"', '%s'])
>> edit('union')                                                               

I will add the following line to my ".octaverc".

edit('EDITOR',['c:/"Program Files"/EmEditor/emeditor ', ' c:/"Program 
Files"/"GNU Octave 2.1.50"', '%s'])                                   
"EmEditor" is the editor I am using. "Sc1.exe" looks very nice. Later 
I will try it more. 


Jun Ohta <address@hidden> wrote:
(2005/08/18 15:48)

>'edit' function uses the following M-file:
>I hadn't used this function on MS windows. But, I tried to use it there. It 
>seemed to 
>generate M-file names with path for the default editor. But, the resulting 
>file names wih 
>path seemed to be suitable for editors on cygwin (not suitable for notepad on 
>MS windows). 
>I usually edit M-files from Explorer on MS windows. 
>If your m-files are put in "c:\octave", you can use those functions after the 
>path( [':/cygdrive/c/octave//'] )
>To conduct the above command at every octave startup, I use an ".octaverc" or 
>file which have the above command line. See your manual (HTML) for "Startup 
>Files" in 
>"Getting Started".
>Jun Ohta
>Okayama University
>address@hidden wrote:
>>I'm using Octave 2.1.50 (installed with one click)....and am having the  sort 
>>of problems one encounters with a new system.... I'm an experienced MATLAB  
>>user....and am now trying to get up to speed (about 5 mph) with Octave...
>>1...I can't get the edit function to work.... I found the DEFAULT_LOADPATH  
>>variable and some m-libraries, and can use Notepad to create an m-file 
>> in one of these libraries and this works OK, Octave finds the function when 
>>I  execute it, but edit(fun) ...where fun is the function name... generates a 
>>slew  of errors.  So, how does one use edit ????? Where should one put 
>>m-files,  etc.
>>2.  A simple plot has a Line1 and a red line in the upper right  
>>corner....can that be omitted ...
>Octave is freely available under the terms of the GNU GPL.
>Octave's home on the web:
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Octave is freely available under the terms of the GNU GPL.

Octave's home on the web:
How to fund new projects:
Subscription information:

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