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Re: hdf5-support ?

From: andreas naessl
Subject: Re: hdf5-support ?
Date: Thu, 18 Aug 2005 15:20:13 +0200

thanks, David & Nuno,

for your strong support! 
(sorry the endless lines in the mail - i'll work on it)

one open question, maybe somebody can tell me:
the latest cygwin-release for winXP - can it read hdf5 or
not? i simply want to avoid a useless download...

regarding the saving-functionality: i would like to do a patch,
but i don't have the skills to do such things, i never did
c-programming, sorry.

maybe some background to my "strange" questions:
i'm working on pretty much data, doing signal processing related things
currently i do everthing in octave, but i have the idea to
separate the diffent tasks, which are:
  -signal processing
  -organizing data
the idea is, to store data and metadata, results etc into one 
common "database" (-> hdf5-file). cause some further processing is done 
by python, i found the PyTables-package (hdf5-access) quite reasonable.
but doing this way the interface stuff becomes an issue - how do i get 
data in & out from/to octave (and other apps..) ?

any suggestions are welcome!

kind regards, andreas

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