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Re: hdf5-support ?

From: John W. Eaton
Subject: Re: hdf5-support ?
Date: Thu, 18 Aug 2005 09:22:13 -0400

On 18-Aug-2005, David Bateman wrote:

| Your question still has sense if you are working with a file in octave's 
| format... Again, the answer is no. The reason is that the "mode" 
| variable in Fsave is not passed to the hdf5_ofstream constructor as 
| defined in ls-hdf5.h. Furthermore the  std::ios::ate flag of mode in not 
| tested in the constructor, and the stream is always opened for saving like
|     file_id = H5Fcreate (name, H5F_ACC_TRUNC, H5P_DEFAULT, H5P_DEFAULT);
| The fact is it probably wouldn't be very hard to modify octave to allow 
| the functionality you want, as it would just require passing the mode to 
| the hdf5_ofstream constructor in, then testing for 
| std::ios:ate in the constructor and using the right flags to H5Fcreate. 
| Want to send a patch?

Or, as another solution to this problem, I think it would be good to
have a thin wrapper to the HDF5 library interface.  Then you could do
anything with HDF5 in Octave.  That would seem to me to be the most
flexible solution.  If we had that, we might even think about
rewriting some of the current HDF5 load-save code as .m files instead
of C++.

Since Matlab also has some kind of interface to the HDF5 library, it
would probably be good to also provide a Matlab-compatible interface
as well.


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