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Re: Any CVS octave .deb packages?

From: Rafael Laboissiere
Subject: Re: Any CVS octave .deb packages?
Date: Thu, 25 Aug 2005 18:57:54 +0200
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* Etienne Grossmann <address@hidden> [2005-08-25 11:30]:

> and thx for your help w/ my previous question. My new question is :
> "Does anyone build (daily) .deb packages of CVS octave?" Since I
> haven't practiced .deb packaging for years, and my typing ability is
> limited (RSI), such a package would help me very much in my daily work
> w/ Octave.

To the best of my knowledge, there is no such daily build of Debian
packages of CVS Octave.  You might ask this question to the Debian Octave
Group hosted at Alioth ( 


Octave is freely available under the terms of the GNU GPL.

Octave's home on the web:
How to fund new projects:
Subscription information:

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