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Mandrake install

From: Roberto Tavares
Subject: Mandrake install
Date: Mon, 29 Aug 2005 17:08:48 -0300


I have a Mandrake 10.1, and I'm trying to install octave.

When I did de .configure, I got:
configure: WARNING: in order to build octave, you must have a compatible
configure: WARNING: Fortran compiler or f2c installed and in your path.
configure: error: See the file INSTALL for more information.

And I really haven't the Fortran or f2c. So, I got the libf2c0-3.4.3-7mdk.i586.rpm and try to install it. But I got:
 %post(libf2c0-3.4.3-7mdk) scriptlet failed, exit status 0

Now I tryied to install again (to get the error again) and seems that the package is already installed (rpm says so).

Does anyone have a clue of how to install octave on Mandrake 10.1?



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