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Install 2.9.3

From: Ron Crummett
Subject: Install 2.9.3
Date: Fri, 28 Oct 2005 20:28:37 -0700
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Hi -

I am trying to install version 2.9.3 on my Debian Sarge machine and when I run ./configure, I get the following errors:

configure: WARNING: I couldn't fine -ltermcap, -lterminfo, -lncurses, -lcurses, or -ltermlib!
checking for rl_set_keyboard_input_timeout in -lreadline... no
configure: WARNING: I need GNU Readline 4.2 or later
configure: error: this is fatal unless you specify --disable-readline

I'm new to all this, so...what does this all mean? I don't know how to tell if I have any of the items listed in the first line, and it looks like I have a version of GNU Readline that will work.

Any ideas of what I'm missing and how I can fix it?  Thanks.

-Ron Crummett

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