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Can't run functions and scripts under cygwin

From: Narinder Singh Sahni
Subject: Can't run functions and scripts under cygwin
Date: Wed, 01 Nov 2006 16:04:33 +0530


I am a matlab user going over to Octave (ver 2.1.71) running under cygwin.

I am trying to run functions and scrips from my usr local area, but am getting 
an error of a similar type irrespective of what I have tried. As an example the 
running the following function:
function wakeup(message)

octave> wakeup("hello world")
gives the following error: 
> wakeup(message)
error: Permission denied
eror: 'wakeup' undefined near line 3 column 1.

This error crops up irrespective of which function I  try. The only difference 
is that the undefined near ... changes from function to function.

Is this error related to some permissions that need to be granted for running 
functions in octave from the user local area.

Thanks in advanve

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