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Re: Octave and NetCDF

From: abarth
Subject: Re: Octave and NetCDF
Date: Wed, 8 Nov 2006 14:17:00 -0500 (EST)
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Hi Andres,

Thank you for the information.

For some reason, octave seems not to find the netcdf.oct file. Can you
check if it is present on your system?

locate netcdf.oct
find / -name netcdf.oct

Then inside octave, can you issue:

which netcdf

it should return something like:

You mentioned that you compiled netcdf with ifort. This is the Intel
Fortran compiler. Octcdf uses the C-API of netcdf. Did you compile netcdf
C library with icc?
In any case, if you install octave-forge by yum, you don't have to worry
to compile netcdf yourself. To determine which library octcdf is using,
you can issue:

ldd /path/to/netcdf.oct

On Fedora, octcdf is linked against the nc-dap library (NetCDF+OPeNDAP)
which allows to read local netcdf files and also to download files from a
OPeNDAP server. You should see somethink like:

/usr/libexec/octave/site/oct/api-v21/x86_64-redhat-linux-gnu/octave-forge/netcdf.oct => /usr/lib64/ (0x00002aaaaac03000)

Can you please send me the output of these commands?


>   Hi Alex,
>  Thank you for your help.  I just did a yum install octave-forge for a
> FC5 machine.
> Instalation went well, but not the test of octcdf, the log file is attached
> The netcdf libraries were compiled with ifort,
> Octave is version 2.9.9 (i686-redhat-linux-gnu)
> Please let me know what other info you may need.
>              Andres
> address@hidden escribió:
>> Hi,
>> I'm the author of octcdf. All three implementations you mentioned are
>> fact independent. Octcdf is included in octave-forge. So it is possible
that it is already available compiled for your system (it is available
>> Fedora, and I think it is in Debian and Ubuntu too, but not in Cygwin).
You mentioned that you have error messages while compiling. Please send
>> this error message. Can you specify which version of octave you are using?
>> And also form where did you get octcdf ? from octave-forge on
>>, from my webpage, or somewhere
>> Only the version on my web page is still compatible with the 2.1.x branch.
>> Alex
>>> Andres Sepulveda wrote:
>>>>  Hi,
>>>>  I want to read data from NetCDF files, I've seen three extensions to
>>>> Octave that should work
>>>> for this;
>>>> ncoct
>>>> octcdf
>>> I believe octcdf is the name of the package in octave forge and ncoct is
>>> the octfile it creates... I'd probably use this by default.. I can get
it to compile fine with the latest CVS of both octave and octave-forge
and so I have no idea what your problem is. Perhaps more information
would be helpful, such as which version of octave, and octave-forge,
what OS, what NETCDF version, etc...
>>>> octavex
>>> This is a port of ncmex for use with octave. It is based around octave
2.1.57.. Lots has changed since then and it doesn't surprise me that
>>> doesn;'t compile.. It would be fairly easy to get it to compile with
2.1.73, however as 2.9.9 has good MEX support, I'd suggest that the
ncmex package itself should be used with 2.9.9 and that octavex is
>>> left to die..
>>> Regards
>>> David
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