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problem in installation

From: Parmar Sunil
Subject: problem in installation
Date: Thu, 23 Nov 2006 12:10:36 +0530
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I am new user of Octave. Here, in my sun workstation, I am installing Octave-2.9.6 in local directory $HOME/octave9.6. For that I have first installed readline-4.3 library. After all the process of compillation and make, I am having four directories share, bin, lib, libexec, include in $HOME/octave9.6. But there is no binary installed in bin, name as octave or octave-2.9.6. Please tell me what could be the problem in installation? Also I am not getting any error while installation. Is there any other way to invoke octave after finishing installation ?
Thanks and regards

Parmar Sunil

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