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Re: How many plotting engines do we have?

From: P.J.G. Long
Subject: Re: How many plotting engines do we have?
Date: 26 Nov 2006 10:33:26 +0000

On Nov 23 2006, David Bateman wrote:

Joe Koski wrote:
on 11/21/06 11:58 PM, P.J.G. Long at address@hidden wrote:

On Nov 21 2006, Etienne Grossmann wrote:
Both lists omit Grace, is this not being developed any more?


Agreed, Grace is missing from the list.

My experience with Grace is that it is great for "publication quality" output from octave, but would drive a normal user insane during day-to-day usage. Although Grace allows interactively setting fonts, axes, line type and width, etc. after the plot is on the screen, and then saving the plot for future modifications, all those extra controls come with a time-consuming cost in productivity.

If possible, it would be nice to keep Grace as an option, unless the new octave graphics package, whatever it is, has some options similar to Grace for publication graphics.

Happy U.S. Turkey Day to all.


The graceplot package is one of only two existing octave-forge packages,
the other being gpc, that has not been converted to the 2.9 package
manager. So unless someone does something about it, its likely to be
missing from the package manager..


As a user of Graceplot to produce publishable graphs from Octave I would very much like to see it included in 2.9/3. Currently I don't see anything that is as good and which works with Octave in the opensource/free area.



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