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client/server operation of octave?

From: Tino Scherrer
Subject: client/server operation of octave?
Date: Wed, 10 Jan 2007 12:50:26 +0100

Dear all,
for the integration of octave into a development environment I'd need some 
means to control octave and receive it's output. Ideally this would work by 
starting octave as sort of server and connect the development tool as client 
through a socket connection. Is such a mode available for octave? An 
alternative is working with pipes which is much less favourable and system 
dependant. Maybe somebody can comment on how this was done in koctave?

My plans are to use the eclipse framework. Except for a single post in the 
mailing lists from 2002 there seems to be no such attempt. Is this correct? 
I'll add features as I need them, and when  it reaches a point where I think it 
is of general interest, I'd like to continue it as open source. I'm aware of 
octave workshop, but I want to avoid the complexity of the framework design 
that I think can be provided more easily by eclipse. This idea comes from the 
personal wish to have certain features in the IDE that are not available in 
octave workshop, and that I think are easier to implement as eclipse plugin 
than by working through workshop's source code.

In short, my questions are
a) can octave be operated in client/server mode?
b) is there any active project working on an octave plugin for eclipse?

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