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Replacing Matlab by Octave in ULB

From: Nicolas Pettiaux
Subject: Replacing Matlab by Octave in ULB
Date: Sun, 21 Jan 2007 23:35:53 +0100

Dear All,

I am a teaching assistant for the course of numerical analysis in 2nd
year of applied sciences, at the French speaking Université Libre de
Bruxelles (ULB) where they currently use and teach matlab.

ULB is the place where the FOSDEM is organized (the large meeting of
free and open source developpers; see; next edition
is these 24 and 25 Feb 2007)

I have proposed to switch to octave, to have less licence trouble and
for the students to be able to use the same software at home without
having to pay, but also to use more free softwares.

Most of them, today, have windows on their portable (hopefully this
could change to Ubuntu ...) and I have read in the octave ML that you
are working on the octave windows port.

What is your experience about matlab vs octave, especially in
Universities, research institutions and companies ?

What is your experience or info about the use of octave in professionnal
environnement ?

What about putting answer to these questions in the wiki as they could
help others ?



Nicolas Pettiaux - email: address@hidden

Nicolas Pettiaux - email: address@hidden

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