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Re: Yet Another Plotting System for Octave

From: Alexander Barth
Subject: Re: Yet Another Plotting System for Octave
Date: Mon, 22 Jan 2007 10:08:14 -0500
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Daniel Oberhoff wrote:
> Hi All,
>>> CPPFLAGS=-I/usr/X11R6/include LDFLAGS=-L/usr/X11R6/lib/ ./configure
>> Does this successfully compile yapso?
> Here it did. I have integrated a lot of standard unix stuff though,
> meinly through darwinports, so other people's mileage may vary. Running
> OsX Tiger btw. Btw, I haven't tested it. I was to lazy to figure out
> were to put all those files afterwards :). I just have a handfull of
> compiled ".d" files here now...
>>> because the X11-relevant gl stuff is in the X11R6 tree. There is also
>>> OpenGL.framework
>>> but that is for rendering into native windows only I think.
>> Thank you for enlightening us! So you don't need to link against the
>> OpenGL.framework libraries
>> explicitly?
> No, but as has been stated above the X11 libGL _does_ reference the
> framework and also it looks like the entry for glBegin etc. in the X11
> libGl is just a stub for the one in the framework.
>>> Is there any
>>> way to tell pkg
>>> about these additional flags?
>> I don't think that you can tell pkg directly about these flags (but
>> this would be a nice feature).
>> However, you can use environment variables which will propagate
>> through the configure script:
>> $ export CPPFLAGS=-I/usr/X11R6/include
>> $ export LDFLAGS=-L/usr/X11R6/lib
>> $ octave
>> octave:1> pkg install /absolute/path/to/yapso-0.2.1.tar.gz
>> octave:2> pkg list all
>> octave:3> yapso_demo
>> Can you confirm that this works on Mac OS X? If yes I will add Mac OS
>> X with those instructions as
>> supported platform. Which version of Mac OS X are you actually using?
> hmm, not quite. First off I had to install the tar file (i.e. pkg
> install /absolute/path/to/yapso-0.2.1.tar). But I am not using the
> ultralatest octave and I have seen mentions of problems like this on the
> list being fixed, so..
> anyhow, so after a while of pkg install I get (after a few c-code
> warnings) this error:
>     error: dotexceptnewline: regexp not implemented in this version
> I don't get this when I just configure && make in the src directory
> (with above environment.
> Any Ideas?

This is a known problem in octave's package manager (see for 
more background).
In octave 2.9.9 (maybe also in previous versions), pkg requires perl compatible 
regular expressions
(pcre). However, this library is optional for octave's configure script. As far 
as I know, the
dependence on pcre is removed in octave CVS. Future releases should not have 
this problem.

Ideally, you would recompile octave with pcre installed (including development 
libraries) and pkg
should work. As a work-around, you can install yapso manually with the 
following commands:

gunzip yapso-0.2.1.tar.gz
tar xvf  yapso-0.2.1.tar
cd yapso-0.2.1/src
mkdir $HOME/tmp/yapso-0.2.1
cp *.oct ../PKG_ADD ../PKG_DEL ../inst/*.m $HOME/tmp/yapso-0.2.1

In octave, you can add yapso with addpath('/path/to/yapso-0.2.1');

I'm CCing Søren, in case he knows a simpler work-around.


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