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Re: has Octave matlab dfeval() analog?

From: Michael Creel
Subject: Re: has Octave matlab dfeval() analog?
Date: Fri, 26 Jan 2007 16:36:31 +0100
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Dmitrey wrote:
and where can I find manual(s) about parallel calculations in Octave?
thank you in advance, D.

Help-octave mailing list

Octave itself doesn't directly support parallel calculations. However, it can be built linking against scalapack - search the mail lists for messages about that. I don't recall ever having seen performance results for that approach.

Binding functions for PVM and MPI also exist - see

I have used MPITB quite a bit, and I like it a lot. Now for a little propaganda: The ParallelKnoppix live CD has Octave 2.1.73, octave forge and MPITB installed, along with some examples.


I just released a new version yesterday:

Another stuff that is relevant


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