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Re: Evaluating a string in octave

From: antonio palestrini
Subject: Re: Evaluating a string in octave
Date: Mon, 29 Jan 2007 15:06:50 +0100

If I interpret the question correctly, you have a string
in the variable q .. so something like

q = " 15 *  (0.5)^(K)   -35 *  (0.7)^(K)  + 20 *  (1)^(K)";
(note: strings are inside commas ".....")

in this case just type

k=5; eval (q)


2007/1/29, Doug Stewart <address@hidden>:
I have a string in octave that looks like this:
( it was produced with my new Inverse Z Transform function)

 + 15 *  (0.5)^(K)   -35 *  (0.7)^(K)  + 20 *  (1)^(K)

and I put this string in q

q = + 15 *  (0.5)^(K)   -35 *  (0.7)^(K)  + 20 *  (1)^(K)

Now I want to give K a value and then evaluate the formula.


How do you do this?

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