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Re: Evaluating a string in octave

From: antonio palestrini
Subject: Re: Evaluating a string in octave
Date: Mon, 29 Jan 2007 19:07:18 +0100

>  either:  z=inline(q); z(5)
>  or:      inline(q)(5);

wonderful short code!!!!
It works, even in my octave 2.1.69, with many parameters in the string!
And you don't have to remember upper case of parameters :-)

[oct 8]  q="2-k+h+f-g";
[oct 9]  z=inline(q)(5,2,2,2)
 z = 5

Dear Doug,
the help of inline says that arguments are extracted
in alphabetic order ("i" and "j" are not considered) so for people
like me that are usually so abstracted is better to write

q= "2 + f - g + h - k

have a good work!

Prof. Antonio Palestrini
DSGSS - University of Teramo, Italy
e-mail: address@hidden

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