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syntax error

From: John W. Eaton
Subject: syntax error
Date: Mon, 29 Jan 2007 15:53:19 -0500

On 26-Jan-2007, Mike Gross wrote:

| Hello,
| Recently a coworker of mine ran across the following problem which I 
| thought to be a little confusing.  He kept getting a syntax error in one 
| of his functions and had trouble determining where the problem actually was.
| I took a quick look at his file and nothing seemed obviously wrong. 
| After puzzling over it for a while I eventually tried running it in 
| matlab and it immediately gave me an error: "end" expected, "End of 
| Input" found.
| With this information it was easy to locate and fix the problem, which 
| of course was a missing end statement.  In general the syntax error 
| message is great as it prints the offending line, but when there is an 
| error of omission the error is blank.
| Does anyone else think that it would be useful to include a little more 
| description as to what the actual syntax error is?


I would certainly consider patches to help improve the error messages
that come from the parser (or any other part of Octave).


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