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Re: Wikibook on octave

From: Nicolas Pettiaux
Subject: Re: Wikibook on octave
Date: Mon, 29 Jan 2007 22:15:23 +0100

2007/1/29, Alexander Barth <address@hidden>:
Hi Nicolas,

I think that your wiki book is a very valuable effort to help new users. The 
current octave wiki is
more for advanced octave users and developers.

this is true.

I think we need more books in many languages, at different levels,
providing also different approaches, by different contrubutors.

I wrote some paragraphs about structures (which are not presently in matlab's 
wikibook) and classes
in octave.

Maybe, the authors of matlab's wikibook can be convinced to merge if they see 
the benefit of copying
over your additions in their matlab's wikibook.

this is a good idea and a good argument.

i'll propose them to add a chapter about octave vs matlab specificities.

You'll be welcome then to support the effort and contribute to this chapter.


Nicolas Pettiaux - email: address@hidden

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