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Re: links to mailing lists are too unconvinient

From: David Bateman
Subject: Re: links to mailing lists are too unconvinient
Date: Mon, 05 Feb 2007 15:27:10 +0100
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address@hidden wrote:
> referres to only one way of communications - mailing lists
> I don't know how about USA or England, but in our country (Ukraine) very few
> people know how to handle them easely & find old messages according to
> interested subject from maillists archive in other way than web search.
> I guess it would be much more convinient, if you will connect Octave google
> group
> with 
> like MATLAB do (in many standalone forums)
Yes I agree.. John was forced to transition the mailing lists about a
year ago, and since then we've been missing a good search facility for
the lists... I think if someone was to offer to help fix the search
facility there'd be a lot of people that would welcome it.

If you want a nntp interface to the octave mailing lists, I prefer the
gmane lists, that even allow direct access via nntp rather than through
a web interface..

> the Octave google group only works vs Octave spreading - only 20 messages
> for all period since 6.08.2006 till 5.02.2007! - and those who visit the
> group think Octave is something very small vs MATLAB.
This group was created against the advice of most of the people on these
mailing lists, for exactly the reason you state above. About once a
month I answer things on this list, but feel no obligation to as the
mailing list is some much more active..

> So I think you should add (in page) link to or
> comp.soft-sys.octave and unite those forums in one (comp.soft-sys.octave).
> What do you think?
No.. The developers prefer the mail interface, as was stated in the
discussion on the creation of comp.soft-sys.octave, and nabble is just a
nntp-ize version of the mailing list... We should not support two
different means of access the octave lists, as this is just additional
work for people who could do without it... If number of mails on
comp.soft-sys.octave is so important, then if someone could be bothered
a mail to nntp gateway might be worthwhile, however which of the 5
octave mailing lists do you send to csso? And to which list do you send
mails to csso to? Also who supports the gateway?


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