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Re: Newbie question

From: Macy
Subject: Re: Newbie question
Date: Tue, 13 Feb 2007 12:04:58 -0800

Step back slightly from the command line of octave, get a
great editor, do all the GUI stuff there, then simply type
the at the command line to activate the script you just
wrote using the editor and voila!  All the file
manipulations are there.  And during editing, you can cut
and paste and do all you want within the editor.  

As a Windows user of octave I GREATLY appreciate the lack
GUI and prefer command line operations, because...
I touch type at 120 wpm and HATE click, click dragging,
click click click with a mouse!  Four steps to do a single
task irritates me.  Not only that, but I have to keep
switching hands to go from mouse to keyboard.  That said...

Get a great editor like Sc1.exe from
that editor is extremely Windows friendly and allows
complete copy paste functionality, highlights in color, etc

         - Robert -

On Tue, 13 Feb 2007 11:05:15 -0500
 Steven Oppenheimer <address@hidden>
> I downloaded the whole Cygwin/Octave package a 
> few days ago and loaded it on a Windows 
> machine.  Upon starting it, I found myself 
> working with a strictly command line 
> environment.  I was expecting/hoping to see a 
> more conventional GUI framework, with menus with 
> options for loading files, saving files, editing 
> commands, and other standard stuff.  Worse, when 
> I tried to copy and paste text from a Windows 
> text file into the command line environment, 
> nothing pasted.  I assume this is an artifact of 
> running a Linux program under Windows emulation, 
> but still, it rendered the environment virtually useless.
> Is there some kind of GUI shell that I can 
> obtain, that wraps around Octave in a Windows 
> environment, and provides the (strictly relative) 
> "ease of use" I associate (sort of) with Matlab?
> Thanks in advance for all replies.
> Steve
> Steven Oppenheimer, M.A.
> Licensed Patent Agent
> Oppenheimer Communications
> Technical and Business Writing:  From Complexity To
> Clarity ®
> address@hidden
>    (301) 468-9233 

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