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strmatch in 2.1.73 (windows-installer)

From: Michael Grossbach
Subject: strmatch in 2.1.73 (windows-installer)
Date: Fri, 16 Feb 2007 19:28:51 +0100
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The behaviour of strmatch() in version 2.1.73-1 on Windows is odd:
octave> strmatch('es', 'test')
makes Octave stop in debug mode but without any error message. Since searching the list did not return any results I thought I'd ask. Has anyone come across this yet? Is there a known work-around until 2.9.9 becomes stable and is available pre-compiled? (Yes, I've tried the one from David's page but as he and jwe pointed out it isn't stable, especially not on my computer 8{

Thank you for any suggestions,

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