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RE: Problems running octave on cygwin

From: Chris.Fouts
Subject: RE: Problems running octave on cygwin
Date: Fri, 23 Feb 2007 20:08:25 +0100

>| I built and istalled installed v2.1.73 on cygwin. When I invoke the 
>| executable, I don't the octave> prompt back - it just sits there. I 
>| can't even do a C-c to get out. Thanks!
>What version of gcc/g++ did you use?  There are some known 
>problems with 3.4, so it is currently recommended to use the 
>3.3 packages of gcc/g++ to build Octave on Cygwin systems.  If 
>that's not the problem, then I'd suggest running Octave under 
>gdb and find out where it is hanging.

Thanks, it IS gcc/g++ v3.4.4. I'll try with v3.3.x.


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