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Re: lsqcurvefit alternative

From: Ana Rakonjac
Subject: Re: lsqcurvefit alternative
Date: Wed, 28 Feb 2007 16:01:50 +1300

On 2/27/07, Henry F. Mollet <address@hidden> wrote:
Will below help?
octave:1> help leasqr

leasqr is the user-defined function from the file

function [f,p,kvg,iter,corp,covp,covr,stdresid,Z,r2]=

Levenberg-Marquardt nonlinear regression of f(x,p) to y(x).
Cut details

on 2/26/07 2:44 PM, Ana Rakonjac at address@hidden wrote:

Unfortunately that doesn't help. That's some other optimisation
routine that Matlab has as well.


"Come now, do you really expect me to do coordinate substitution in my
head while strapped to a centrifuge?"

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