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Re: new Octave user on PPC Mac - upgrade (2.9.x.x --> 3.0.0) question

From: Thomas Treichl
Subject: Re: new Octave user on PPC Mac - upgrade (2.9.x.x --> 3.0.0) question
Date: Wed, 02 Jan 2008 21:46:00 +0100
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Bill Christens-Barry schrieb:

New here with questions. Some time ago I installed a 2.9.x.x version using MacPorts. I see that there is a new Octave 3.0.0 binary for PPC Macs that is just a drag and drop, but I'd like to upgrade the earlier version that is not a clickable app. How should I go about installing this in place of the earlier version that is under /opt/local ? I'd do a MacPorts upgrade to 3.0.0, but haven't found that they have it available yet.


Bill C-B

Hi Bill,

meanwhile (until the MacPorts version is available) you can use
Move it into your Applications folder (and also move into your Applications folder - can be found in the Extras directory of the octave-3.0.0-*.dmg) and from here and the MacPorts versions can coexist without damaging each other *if* you start by double-clicking its icon *but* you can only start your old MacPorts binary directly from the command line resp.

If you want to use the binary from the command line too then you should rename the following files (don't remove them - maybe you somewhen still want to use them again), somehow like

  sudo mv /opt/local/bin/octave-config /opt/local/bin/octave-config.old
  sudo mv /opt/local/bin/octave-bug /opt/local/bin/octave-bug.old
  sudo mv /opt/local/bin/octave /opt/local/bin/octave.old
  sudo mv /opt/local/bin/mkoctfile /opt/local/bin/mkoctfile.old

and create links to 'octave' and 'mkoctfile' instead like it is explained in the README.html file in section 'General FAQ' of the octave-3.0.0-*.dmg image.


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