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Octave 2.9/3.0: WinXP: jHandles: run out of default heap size

From: Dirk.Slawinski
Subject: Octave 2.9/3.0: WinXP: jHandles: run out of default heap size
Date: Fri, 4 Jan 2008 09:35:25 +0900

Dear Octavians,
  I am in the process of evaluating Octave as a replacement/license gap
filler for Matlab.  Generally I am have had good results except for the
typical "isms" between the two apps.  Normally I use Matlab under Linux
with large (250MB > 2GB) netcdf files and produce plots fine there.
Using the Win32 (MSVC) version of 2.9/3.0 has been good.  However, I
cannot make a pcolor plot with jHandles of matrixes greater the 700x700,
I commonly do this in Matlab.  The issue is that jHandles/java runs out
of heap space.  I've tried to adjust the system wide java heap size via
the java control panel, but Octave seems to always use the default
values.  Either Octave sets the -Xms### and -Xmx### itself or it is not
sourcing the system wide defaults.  Any advice on this would be much

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