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Re: Octave took over in Mac OS X

From: 千葉 文浩
Subject: Re: Octave took over in Mac OS X
Date: Sun, 6 Jan 2008 06:13:45 +0900


It is supposed: you use the bash shell; and is located in Applications folder.

Please try the following commands
$ alias octave="/Applications/"
$ octave
put the following ".bash_profile" on your home directory.
if [ -f ~/.bashrc ];then
        . ~/.bashrc
export GNUTERM=x11
alias octave="/Applications/"
alias gnuplot="/Applications/"
where I use gnuplot with X11. If you want to use gnuplot with aquaterm, change
"export GNUTERM=x11"  to "export GNUTERM=aqua".

With regards,
Fumihiro CHIBA

On 2008/01/06, at 3:26, Louyclare wrote:

I have installed Octave 3.0.0 on my Intel Mac OS 10.4.11. It seems to have configured itself to automatically run in the This behavior is fine with me, however, whenever I launch the to run a shell (e.g. bash or tcsh) it automatically launches in Octave. The first line in the Terminal is: imac-2006:~ louyclare$ exec '/Applications/ octave' When I quit Octave, the window closes. Bringing up a new Terminal window simply re-launches Octave. This behavior is unaffected by the Terminal Preferences settings. The setting for "When creating a new Terminal window:" has two radio button options: 1) Execute the default login shell using /usr/bin/ login and 2) Execute this comand (specify complete path): I have / bin/bash in the area provided. Does anybody know how I can run Octave in the and still launch in a shell? View this message in context: Octave took over in Mac OS X
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