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Re: Upgrading qtoctive to run octave 3.0.0

From: Doug Stewart
Subject: Re: Upgrading qtoctive to run octave 3.0.0
Date: Sun, 06 Jan 2008 20:07:42 -0500
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Doug Stewart wrote:
I have confirmed that it is easy to upgrade the qtoctave package from

Tatsuro's web page to run octave-3.0.0

1) install qtoctave from

2) read the notes  and do it. From his web page:
Note for using octave-forge packages in the QtOctave Portable <>

3) install octave 3.0.0 from his web page.
actually it is this one.

4)Now find the octave that is under the qtoctave folder and delete it.
On my machine it is:

Then find the new octave 3.0.0 folder and copy it.
On my machine it is
C:\Program Files\Octave
And mow paste it into qtoctve's folder where you deleted the old octave.

This worked for me and this is what I will be getting my students to use this semester.
It also works from a memory key. :-)

This actually it did not work as I was expecting. It was still using the packages from the "C" drive.

The better way was to install the new octave directly to the qtoctave directory.

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