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surf error UPDATED

From: Ekin Akoglu
Subject: surf error UPDATED
Date: Tue, 08 Jan 2008 20:58:06 +0200
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Dear all,

Now I got all working correctly except one thing! I can plot images with Octave and gnuplot working together and surf command now works for small sized data. However, I have a data file of 85000 rows and 3 columns. The steps are as follows:

load 155          % load data file named 155 with 85000 rows and 3 columns
a = X155(:,1);
b = X155(:,2);
c = X155(:,3);
A = [];
B = [];
C = [];
t = length(a)/751;
for k=1:t
   A = [A a((1+((k-1)*751)):(k*751))];
   B = [B b((1+((k-1)*751)):(k*751))];
   C = [C c((1+((k-1)*751)):(k*751))];

Than the gnuplot window opens and hangs there...The cursor shows the busy icon when hovering over the gnuplot window and it never ends. Octave also falls back to the normal command prompt indicating that it has done. Can you tell me where I am wrong? I can surf small scaled data without problems but it just doesn't work.

Thank you,


P.S: By the way, when I execute "apt-cache search octave" it shows me the only one version and it is 2.9.19...strange...My sources.list file as follows:

deb sid main
deb-src sid main

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