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Re: Octave under Windows in a teaching environment.

From: Muthiah Annamalai
Subject: Re: Octave under Windows in a teaching environment.
Date: Tue, 08 Jan 2008 16:28:46 -0600
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Yann Le Du wrote:

First, I'd like to say I'm a big fan and user of Octave, and am impressed by it's development.

Now, I'd like to report here a few, yet annoying, problems encountered when using "Octave 2.9.19 for Windows Installer" available on the Octave-Forge website under the name "octave-2.9.19-setup.exe".

This installer was used to install Octave on around 20 different laptops, some Vista, some XP, some Mac OS X, belonging to students to whom Matlab/Octave basics are taught.

Now Octave runs ok, except for some annoying problems, which, I think it is important to add, DO NOT OCCUR ON ALL COMPUTERS on which Octave was installed. Some of the problems are :

1/ the text in legends in plots is not displayed ;
2/ saving the plot to a file doesn't write the axis labels or legends ;
3/ the Octave window crashes badly sometimes when Ctrl-C is used during a computation ; 4/ closing the Octave window with the x close button causes systematic crash of the application.

Basically, the application doesn't have a "polished" look. Now, for me, that's perfectly ok, since I work on Linux, and most of these problems don't exist there, but for teaching purposes on Windows, it's harder to ignore it, since the students stumble on these difficulties.

As for Mac, using the Octave Mac installer, it's a real pain to have everything working properly, and I don't understand why the installer doesn't include the toolboxes as in the Windows installer.

Now, does anyone have some advice ? Is Octave/Cygwin better, more Linux like and thus more stable, even on Vista ? Toolboxes working ok ? Plotting/saving figures ok ?

Many thanks,


If you want to submit a bug report be specific and send us
scripts and particular methods how we could reproduce the bug.
Otherwise, Im afraid generic broad bugs dont stand a chance
to be fixed.

Also you should try the latest 3.0.0 Octave release. See in the
dowloads section at,


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