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A patch of print command to support PDF output

From: Tetsuro KURITA
Subject: A patch of print command to support PDF output
Date: Thu, 10 Jan 2008 10:42:24 +0900

It looks that print command of Octave 3.0.0 does not have PDF support.

I have mentioned about recent Octave 2.9.x droped PDF support when I was 
using octave 2.9.9 and latest version was 2.9.10. I am not a chaser of 
octave. I could not make a patch for latest version.

Now I am using version 3.0.0. I make two patches for the latest version.
One is for print.m. The other is for drawnow.m to add 'pdf terminal' as an 
enhanced terminal.

Also I found a problem related font handling of plot title after applying 

The command

print -dpdf "test.pdf"

cause to display following error message.

Couldn't find font helvetica, falling back to Times-Roman

Only font of plot title in the generated pdf file is 'Times-Roman' and 
fonts of other strings are 'Helvetica'

I think octave send like following command.

set title "title" font 'helvetica'

This font specification cause same error message in gnuplot. The first 
letter of font name should be upper case as follows.

set title "title" font 'Helvetica'

 Tetsuro KURITA
  E-mail: address@hidden

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