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Re: Plotting a surface from points in the space

From: Carlo de Falco
Subject: Re: Plotting a surface from points in the space
Date: Fri, 11 Jan 2008 17:50:25 +0000

On 11/gen/08, at 16:34, Luc4 wrote:

Hi! Is it possible to plot a colored surface taking points (x, y, z) which are not in a grid? They are taken from pdetool, so they covers a surface but are not in grid format. I can only plot them with points in gnuplot. Is it possible to interpolate them with a surface? I tried interp2, but it needs
points to be in a grid.
Thanks! Bye!

Hi Luca,

you might want to take a look at the FPL package in octave-forge,
it plots data on triangular grids defined by (almost) the same data structure
as that used by pdetool.

for example "FPL2pdesurf (msh, z)", where msh is a structure with the usual p,e,t fields of a pdetool mesh, does what you want.

if you do not want to install additional packages, a solution could be using the "trimesh" command which has been moved to core octave in recent versions, but this would plot just the grid without a coloured surface ( the equivalent of pdemesh rather than pdesurf)


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