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rpath versus dynlib on MacOS

From: Thomas Weber
Subject: rpath versus dynlib on MacOS
Date: Sun, 13 Jan 2008 16:05:26 +0100


after revamping Octaviz' build system, I encountered (as in: someone
told me) a problem with MacOS. 

Octaviz builds a shared library. In order for its .oct files to find
this .so library, I add an rpath under Linux to the build flags.
It seems MacOS' linker doesn't know rpath, but uses '-bundles' instead. 

Can someone give me a hint how to use this flag?

In case someone wonders: I don't use mkoctfile, because I want to use
precompiled headers. Somehow, the precise order of argurments seem to
matter there, so I must control the order in wich I pass flags to the
compiler (it's entirely possible that I'm just too stupid, but I
couldn't get it to work with mkoctfile and it works using plain g++).


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