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Plotting with automatic colours & markers

From: John W. Eaton
Subject: Plotting with automatic colours & markers
Date: Thu, 17 Jan 2008 00:58:55 -0500

On 17-Jan-2008, Etienne Le Sueur wrote:

| I'm using octave 3.0.0 on Mac OSX, with gnuplot 4.2.
| I have a set of data which produces a plot with about 12 lines. 
| unfortunately, because there are a limited amount of colours, the 
| colours are repeated, and there is no way to determine which line in the 
| legend corresponds to which plotted line.
| Is there any way to have the plot function automatically handle this? or 
| can anyone post an example of how to do it manually?
| I am calling the plot function once with a matrix of values 
| corresponding to each line.

Try something like this:

  colors = sort (rand (12, 3));         ## 12 RGB colors
  set (gca (), "colororder", colors);
  plot ([zeros(1,12); ones(1,12)], [zeros(1,12); 1:12]);

Or, to make this set of colors the default for all plots:

  set (0, "defaultaxescolororder", colors);


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