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quick recipe for installing latest Octave-forge for Debian users

From: Francesco Potorti`
Subject: quick recipe for installing latest Octave-forge for Debian users
Date: Thu, 17 Jan 2008 18:06:50 +0100

If you are a Debian user and you want to get the whole octave-forge for
your brand new Octave 2.9 or, better, Octave 3.0, you should install
octave3.0-headers, download the octave-forge bundle from sourceforge,
for example like this:

  $ cd /tmp
  $ wget

and then, as root, do like this:

  # cd /usr/local/src
  # tar -zxf /tmp/octave-forge-bundle-20071212.tar.gz
  # octave3.0 -q
  octave3.0> f=glob("/usr/local/src/octave-forge-bundle-20071212/main/*tar.gz");
  octave3.0> for i=1:length(f); disp(["  installing " f{i} " ..."]);
  octave3.0> eval(["pkg install " f{i}],'printf (" ---------> failed:\n%s", 
lasterr ());');
  octave3.0> endfor

You will get errors, unless you have the necessary libraries installed,
but the messages should help you guess what are the necessary ones.
Then you can rerun the whole command or just the pkg() command for the
failed packages.

Disclaimer: notice that running complex and error-prone commands as root
is dangerous, so don't do this on production systems, there are more
secure ways to obtain the same results.

Francesco Potortì (ricercatore)        Voice: +39 050 315 3058 (op.2111)
ISTI - Area della ricerca CNR          Fax:   +39 050 315 2040
via G. Moruzzi 1, I-56124 Pisa         Email: address@hidden
Web:           Key:

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