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Re: Help me something about GNU Octave

From: Johann Cohen-Tanugi
Subject: Re: Help me something about GNU Octave
Date: Thu, 17 Jan 2008 18:22:50 -0800
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by sheer curiosity I gave a shot to this command :

 [u, s, v] = svd (rand (10000, 10000));
and I actually get :
octave:1> [u, s, v] = svd (rand (10000, 10000));
error: memory exhausted or requested size too large for range of Octave's index 
type -- trying to return to prompt

any idea what could go wrong?  am on a linux FC7 laptop, and octve is built 
from cvs source :
octave:2> version
ans = 3.0.0+


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